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Rodkey Face Shield

My name is Chris Rodkey. I am the owner of Vinylbomb which produces grand format printing and event fabrication.  We are based out of Hamilton, NJ right in the heart of the “Trenton Makes The World Takes ” district.  We went from absolutely no work to an idea I had while being home with the family wondering how we could help fight COVID-19. I was also worried about potentially laying off my team like so many companies are forced to do right now. From the idea I made a prototype that Sunday night. After that, it was a matter of days until we got to the point where we are currently overwhelmed with business. The “Rodkey Face Shield” was designed, prototyped and is currently being manufactured from start to finish in our production facility right here in NJ. We have since shipped the “Rodkey Face Shield” all over the country.

We originally offered the “Rodkey Face Shield” template as open source for anyone with a CNC or laser cutter to keep their business open. It also helps everyone effected fight the spread of COVID-19 so we can help get back to our normal lives. The “Pay it forward” mentality did not stop in the USA though. I have sent it to the UK, South America, Canada and Switzerland so far. In the UK it has started a movement among schools with industrial arts programs to make face shields to help with COVID-19 assessment centers being setup. Their website is  https://make-more-masks.com  which credited us for the template we  created and offered for free to them.


An article about us on NJ.com


We were recently Interviewed with Greg Kelly about the “Rodkey Face Shield LLC”

Rodkey Face Shield Newsmax Interview


From our GoFundme

Very humbling… 163 Donors, 1.4k shares, $10,115 raised and we donated 1,982 “Rodkey Face Shields” to those who most needed it since March 29, 2020 Thank you all and a special shout out to Jim Smith and WAVES OF HOPE Compilation with generous contributions towards our effort. If you have not listened to the album please find the link below!



Another interview about our Face Shields with Laser manufacturer Trotec

Rodkey Face Shield Trotec Interview
Stretch band around head.
Tighten using draw strings.
Tie draw strings around back to avoid obstruction of view.

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