Face Shield

The Rodkey Face Shield has clearance for a standard loupe and light
Trusted by our healthcare professionals!

Rodkey Face Shield

Rodkey Face Shield was built with all aspects in mind from long term use, comfort and sturdiness. It is also unique that is fits most standard light and loupes. The product is light-weight with a flexible PETG shield which hangs 8″ in height from the forehead to allow neck movement without becoming a major obstruction. A thick foam padding rests against the forehead and is accompanied by a velcro-free elastic fastening system for a secure, comfortable fit.

Cleaning the “Rodkey Face Shield”

Rodkey Face Shield can be completely disassembled for sanitization. We recommend cleaning with soap and water on a lint free cloth to prevent scratching the plastic film. You can also use using Hydrogen Peroxide 28% or Isopropyl Alchohol. Testing should be done first.

Clear Replacement Guard for Rodkey Face Shield

***This is the clear replacement guard only*** Pack of 25 clear replacement guards for the “Rodkey Face Shield” These come premasked front and back to prevent scratching. Price includes Ground shipping

Stretch band around head.
Tighten using draw strings.
Tie draw strings around back to avoid obstruction of view.

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